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Tour Chiado/Bairro alto

Located on one of Lisbon´s hills, the Chiado evokes the bourgeois charm of its 19th century origins. The neighbourhood was then the cultural and social heart of the city, home to the São Carlos Opera House, the São Luís and Trindade theatres, bookshops and the grand stores, inspired by their French and Italian precursors, dictating the fashions of the time. There were also all the most elegant and popular cafes and restaurants, such as A Brasileira.

The boundaries to the Chiado are ambiguous. It can be concluded they certainly include the Largo do Carmo, the stretch of the Rua Garrett where there is the Church of the Mártires (Martyrs), the Largo do Camões and the Largo Trindade Coelho and its Church of São Roque. Heading down to the river, close to the theatre district, there is another point of the interest: the Chiado Museum.

The neighbourhood is relatively small and can easily be explored on foot. The pleasure to be had from perusing the retail establishments, nipping into a café for a rest, swiftly pays off any effort.

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