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Heritage and Nature in Sintra

Beautiful village in the foothills of the Sierra of the same name, its unique features made the UNESCO to classify it as a world heritage were forced to create a specific category for this purpose - the "cultural landscape" - which therefore considers both the natural wealth as the built heritage in the village and in the mountains. The Serra of lush greenery, is inside the natural park Sintra-Cascais.

In the century. XII, the 1st King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, captured the Castelo dos Mouros and later his successors, on the remains of an Arabian palace, built here their home of residence, the Palácio da Vila. It is here still retain many reminiscences Arabs, including tiles, courtyards and fountains. His face, however, is marked by two huge conical chimneys built in the Middle Ages, today the landmark of Sintra.I have always been very much appreciated by kings and noble, exalted by writers and poets that is compelling example Lord Byron called it glorious Eden.

Highlights also include the palaces like Pena, built in the time of romanticism one of the peaks of the Sierra, to Seteais century. XVIII, now converted into an elegant hotel, and the Monserrate, renowned for its beautiful gardens that have unique exotic species in the country.

Special mention deserves the desserts of Sintra, including pillows and the famous cheesecake which, according to references in ancient documents, already confeccionavam in the century. XII and were part of the list of forums payments.

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