Lx Factory

It is in 1846 that the Society of Spinning and Lisbonense Fabrics, one of the most important industrial complexes in Lisbon, settles in Alcantara. This industrial area of 23.000m2 was in subsequent years occupied by the Industrial Company of Portugal and Colonies, typography Commercial Yearbook of Portugal and Graphics Mirandela.
A city fraction which for years remained hidden is now returned to the city in the form of LXFactory. A creative island occupied by companies and industry professionals has also been the scene of a diverse range of events in the fields of fashion, advertising, communication, multimedia, art, architecture, music, etc. generating a dynamic that has attracted numerous visitors to re-discover this area of Alcantara.
In LXF, every step lives up the industrial environment. Experiences a factory where it is possible to intervene, think, produce, present ideas and products in a place that belongs to everyone, for everyone.

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