Temple of music and African dance in Lisbon, B.leza was born in 1995 and worked in an old building from the eighteenth century, Almada Carvalhais Palace at Largo Conde Barão in Santos.Funcionou until 2007, when the degradation state building forced the closure. In the years following the B.leza kept the spirit through more or less regular appearances on special nights at the Teatro S. Luiz, Neighborhood Theatre and other venues.
Finally, in March 2012, finds a new home also rehabilitated Cais do Sodre, the epicenter of a new Lisbon moved. With address in the New Ribeira Pier, just across the Tagus, the B.leza back to put the city to move to the sound of warm, the quizombas, the kuduro and other rhythms of Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil. With a monthly schedule of events, runs from Wednesday to Sunday.

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