Chafariz de Dentro

It is probably the oldest fountain of Lisbon. He was named Fountain of Horses . Jonathan Lopes tells us that its bronze spouts were heads of horses, which were stolen by Castilian troop . It came to be called Inside Fountain as it is located within the walls of Fernandina wall. It was renovated in 1622. It is also called Fountain No. 19. The waters of this fountain supplied the Fountain Beach and its leftovers went for a washerwomen tank at Pier tongue. Inside The Fountain was also appointed to the Horse tank due to the existence of a tank in the middle to give drink to animals. This fountain was part of the water supply network in Lisbon and was one of the few sources that did not dry in the summer. The sailors used to refuel their ships here at the time of the Portuguese Discoveries (sec . XV and XVI) .

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