Casa de Fados O Faia

History of Faia

Restaurant O Faia was founded in 1947 and remains to this day a reference in Lisbon's nightlife.

After more than 50 years of existence, with daily fado night performances, big names of fado were a constant presence, starting with its founder, Lucília do Carmo and, afterwards, her son Carlos do Carmo, who managed the restaurant until 1980.

Well- known fado singers, such as Alfredo Marceneiro, Tristão da Silva, Fernando Maurício, Ada Castro, Beatriz da Conceição, Vasco Rafael, Camané, among many others, have performed at O Faia.

Currently, performers like Lenita Gentil, Anita Guerreiro, Ricardo Ribeiro and António Rocha, accompanied by Fernando Silva, on the Portuguese guitar, and Paulo Ramos, on the viola, maintain the tradition.

O Faia's New Image

In the year it completes 65 years of existence, the Typical Restaurant O Faia is being refurbished, in a project lead by architect Luís Candeias, and is preparing itself for some more decades with open doors, nights of fado, good food and gatherings.

With the goal of pursuing and improving the quality of our offer, we have optimized our services, namely those related to food hygiene and safety and staff and storage facilities, and we have built a climate-controlled wine cellar.

More visible are the new colours used, the new decor, the air conditioning, which increases comfort level, and the lighting directed to each individual table, which then changes to create fado's darker, more intimist, almost religious, atmosphere.

This is the new O Faia, young with its 65 years of existence, and ready for many more. Visit our image gallery and make your reservation!

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