Luvaria Ulisses

The Luvaria Ulisses was founded in 1925 by Joaquim Rodrigues Simoes, enterprising man and a deep knowledge of the habits of Lisbon, ogo envisioned an establishment, which despite its small dimensions, was a reference to this city as mythological Ulysses. Thus was born the ULYSSES. Inserted in Chiado, the noblest shopping area of ​​Lisbon. Conceived to serve the most demanding society of the time, staked out since then with a high quality product, with its own innovative design, resulting from the creation of a workshop exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of gloves marketed, being this possible control quality, or the raw materials or the fabrication process. The decoration of the shop, which remains intact since its foundation, consists of furniture inspired empire that fit harmoniously with the neoclassical facade. The Luvaria Ulysses, last house in Portugal with exclusive sale of gloves, that from the earliest times had as clients the political elite, cultural and artistic city, remains nowadays faithful to the principles that guided.

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