Mercado da Ribeira

Retail market: Food - fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, meat, cod and the like, organic produce, frozen, gourmet products, eggs, bread, cakes, roast suckling pig, grocery store, coffee shop / pastry and food and beverage. No food - flowers, plants and gardening items, stationery and packaging.  Saturdays da Ribeira - Craft Market, Arts, Books and Antiques where, on Saturdays, on the floor of the central aisle 0, antiques coexist with modern, innovative and original pieces of artists and craftsmen.  Collections of the market - where, on Sundays, the ship This, gather philately, numismatics, the alfarrabismo, the medals, the deltiology and other objects collection.

Time Out Mercado da Ribeira: Level 0: More than 40 points of food and beverage ranging from the original croquettes cuttlefish with ink to gastronomic proposals of Alexander Chefs Silva, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Marlene Vieira, Miguel Castro e Silva and Miguel Laffan and also a store canned, bottled a wine, a plant, a tobacco shop and utility articles and / or supply. In common that they all represent Portuguese brands and products.

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