Trumps is a major part of Lisbon's gay nightlife and it has been so for a long time. This Club is, by far, the largest gay club in Lisbon. 
On the ground-floor level area there is a coat-hanger section and a large bar area with seating. When you go down to the underground floor you can choose between 2 dance-floors. The largest dance-floor is dedicated to house and dance music and it's area includes a large stage (used for shows). On this dance-floor smoking is permitted. 
The other dance floor is relatively smaller and the tunes in there are Pop Hits. This area gets extremely packed on Saturday nights. Most of the crowd are young fashion-consciouss gays, lesbians and friends. This is the perfect spot to for you to meet a hunky boy. 
Entrance costs 10€ and it includes drinks. Trumps is open on Fridays, Saturdays and bank-holiday eves. On Saturdays you may get a chance to see a Show on their main-stage around midnight - 1 am.
Remember that in Portugal, clubbing happens very late so don't expect to see this club full before 2am.

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