Woof X

Woof X is managed by the same team responsible by Woof LX and Construction. It is located in the "bear area" of Principe Real, being very close to both Woof LX and to Tr3s. 
Woof X is a closed-door bar. When entering (after ringing the bell) you'll be in the small, yet nice, bar space. The decor is fetish-inspired. 
There is also a large and very cruisy darkroom where most of the patrons spend their time. Woof X attracts a similar crowd as Woof LX - bears, daddies, scruffy guys and masculine gay men in general. The atmosphere is far more sexual than in Woof LX. Woof X is a good option if you are looking for a very cruisy space that is somewhat reminiscent of spaces like Eagle Bar that you can find in some European cities.
Woof X is a good option for Sundays and Mondays when they host the "Rock-On Nights".

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