River Station in Belém (Ferry Crossing)

The River Station in Belém, operated by Transtejo was built in 1936 in conjunction with the River Station of the Terreiro do Paco and was remodeled for the last time in 1986. Are you ready to have three pontoons and was prepared to allow the ferry to car shipment -boats towards Porto Brandão . Currently, it comprises two pontoons, a unique for passengers and for other vehicles , and the second in use. It is a moderate handling station, when compared with the use given to stations of other routes operated by Transtejo . On the left side facing the river, is the Museum building Electricit , former Central Tejo, on the right, to Bethlehem dock . Beyond the train line is Afonso Garden Albuquerque and Belém Palace and the Museum of Coches . It works to weekdays between 6:25 a.m. and 23:30 on Saturdays between 6.30 and 23.10 on Sundays and holidays between 7:25 a.m. and 23.10.

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