49 ZDB

The 49 ZDB is a poolside bar Zé dos Bois Association situated at the Baroque in Lisbon and is one of the novelties of Lisbon nightlife.

ZDB in the bar there is a dance floor with a disco ball and two rooms where you can socialize and have a drink with friends. With connection to ZDB, the 49 this by being ample space with a diverse decoration and a little retro.

It is a cultural space that makes the difference, decorated with old trains and tables and lamps with an aged air chairs. Of the time I went there the decoration was never the same, so it is likely no longer be there any of this. In this space there are parties for all tastes. The music is diverse: can start in pimpa and move to the pop or even electronics. What matters is not the decor or music space, but fun.

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