Palácio e Parque de Monserrate

The Monserrate Palace is one of the best examples of eclecticism of the nineteenth century. Built by Sir Francis Cook ( a millionaire and collector of English art) and later inhabited by the writer William Beckford (known as the richest young Englishman of his time ) , the palace mixes several styles from Gothic to Moorish motifs , and includes Capula one inspired by the Duomo of Florence. It is surrounded by a remarkable botanical collection with species from around the world, waterfalls and lakes, largely added by Beckford . It also sees a rose garden , Mexican and Japanese gardens , and a large lawn in front of the building . The entrance is through an octagonal hall of pointed arches and marble columns . From there , visitors travel through rooms like the library , chapel, music room and billiard room, decorated with beautiful details on the walls and ceilings.

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