Convento da Graça

The Convento da Graça was built on a site known as Almofala, chosen by Dom Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, as the encampment for his troops during their siege of Lisbon in 1147. In fact, this site offers one of the best views over the Castelo de São Jorge, now greatly appreciated by the people of Lisbon for its beauty, but at the time strategically important.

The foundation of the church and convent date back to the very beginnings of the Portuguese nation, but greater attention was paid to its development during the 16th century. Much of the convent was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1755, which razed a large part of Lisbon to the ground, resulting in its reconstruction in a more sober baroque style. Inside the church, attention is drawn to the carved and gilded woodwork of the chapels’ altars.

The bell tower built by the architect Manuel da Costa Negreiros, dates from 1788.

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