Casa Independente

Situated in a former mansion , Casa Independent is an artistic project Inês Valdez , Patricia Craveiro Lopes and Joan Nobrega . Together constitute the cultural association Irony Tropical.

The space inaugurated the October 20, 2012 at number 45 of the Intendant square, and occupies the former premises of the House of Figueiró County Wine. Here goes a little of everything: concerts, DJ sets, gastronomic meetings, workshops and debates. The space is divided into three main areas: the living room, with a balcony overlooking the square; the leisure rooms; and the two spaces in the cafeteria Tropical Tasca, one inside, one outside .

The food is familiar and blend a variety of influences in the kitchen. Another aspect to note is the decoration: vintage furniture, crumbling walls and even a dentist's chair that resembles a medieval torture resemble instrument.

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